Photo Composites and Creative Edits

Corpsreps Photography now offers custom photo composite and creative edits. To request a composite, please create a Favorites list on the site and share it with the photographer. Please select 3 to 5 photos you would like to be considered for the composite. We may use some but not all of the photos selected depending on the creative vision inspired by your selection. There is no obligation to purchase but, of course, we hope you will like the result. Your composite(s) will be added to our Composite Gallery where you will be able to purchase prints and downloads.

In some cases, the photos may not lend themselves to creative edits and we will not be able to create something. The work involved can be time consuming and we might not be able to get to your composite right away.

To create a Favorites list, hover over the photo and click the heart icon. You may be prompted to create an account. In the upper left of the page you can click the down arrow for options with the favorites where you can edit the lists or create new lists. When you have selected your photos, click the nae of the favorites list. In the upper right of the page, click Share Favorites. Choose Share to Photographer, add a message and click Share. Use the Contact page on the site if you need assistance.

IMPORTANT - drum corps photos cannot be selected for composites. Please limit your selections to Indoor and Marching Band.

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