Many people ask about the different download resolution options. In most galleries, we offer three options - Low, High and Full. If you select a photo, go into All Products then Downloads then click on More Info for each resolution, you can see more of an explanation. Unfortunately the site buries that information a bit.

Here are the three options:

  •     Low Resolution is 1224 x 816 pixels and is intended mostly for computer/web viewing. You could print up to a 4x6 at 200 dpi.
  •     High Resolution is  2378 x 1825 pixels and is intended for printing. You could print up to a 9x12 at 200 dpi.
  •     Full Resolution will vary image to image depending on the camera and settings I used plus any cropping I did. This will be larger than High. Given my cameras and typical settings, a common size for original is 4512 x 3008 which would print a 10 x 15 at 300 dpi or 15 x 22 at 200 dpi. But you have to check each photo to know the exact settings as it will depend on which camera was used and whether there was any cropping.

There is the potential for the High Resolution to be lower than what I have above if I ended up cropping more and was using a lower size setting on the camera. This happens rarely. In those cases, high and full would be the same. Really, Full means the maximum size available.

The most commonly purchased download size is the High Resolution. You can fill your computer screen and get good size prints. Additionally, high resolution photos are now available in a set of 5 at a discounted price or as a full gallery download for a flat price.